Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Old House (2 of 4)

This is the main hall at Sunny Rock, viewed from the entrance to the drawing room. The twin linenfold doors just inside the archway lead to the phone booth. Shouldn't every big old house have a phone booth? Out of sight on the left is a stairway leading down to a high-studded conservatory with metal-lined planters and a vintage picture window which, before the trees grew up, overlooked Tuxedo Lake.

This stairway descended from the conservatory to a basement billiard room with a big stone fireplace, french doors to the lawn, lots of dark wood paneling, and considerable water damage.

Here's the drawing room. There were wonderful thick rugs in these old houses, stitched together in long columns that reminded me of mowed lawns. The curtains were satisfyingly deluxe too, even when they hung a little askew. The furniture in this room wasn't overly valuable, but certainly gracious and comfortable. Out of sight to the left was a Steinway grand, beyond which was the lake view piazza.

Here's the dining room, complete with portieres, mouldings and a good looking table and chairs that may well have been antique. Back then I was a less dependable judge of those things.

The dining room fireplace with nautical over-mantle.

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